New bouncer seat safety standards can’t save your baby, only you can.

Babies are cracking their skulls and suffocating death in infant bouncer seats. Why? Because we, their parents, are not following the instructions on the box.

The government just created a new rule for manufacturers: place a label with very clear instructions to not leave kids unattended, to never-ever-ever-ever place these seats on high surfaces, such as your kitchen countertop, and to for fuck’s sake (that part is just between us moms) to buckle the kid in.  More than 1,000 babies were injured in bouncer seats over the past ten years including 12 deaths and hundreds of skull injuries resulting in brain damage, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. What’s more, unstrapped babies slipped out on to soft surfaces, such as adult beds, and suffocated.

Perhaps the new rule will help but quite frankly the old warnings were pretty clear and it seems at least enough of us didn’t listen so pass it on, tell your friends, and remember that one of our great hurdles as parents is to teach the kids to follow safety rules so it’s best we do the same.