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Brett Graff combines the humor of a stand-up comic with the experience of a highly respected business reporter. The result is a guide that will take you from blankies to Brown University (if that’s where you want to go). This is not just a book on saving you money as you raise your child but saving you time, heartache and sanity.
Andrea Brody , Emmy Award-Winning Broadcast Journalist
In Not Buying It, Brett Graff has uncovered the proof that drowns out the noise, relieves the pressure and alleviates the fear driving parents to overspend at every turn. Finally, someone who shows us that home finance is easy.
Carol Brooks, Editor-in-Chief, FIRST for Women
With a combination of her natural wit and the wisdom of having been there, done that, Brett Graff explains why parents should just say no to consumerism. In short, it will help you raise happier, healthier, more independent and responsible young adults, who won’t be forced to support you when you’re old.
Kathy Kristoff, CBS MoneyWatch
For parents trying to achieve the American Dream by buying a home for your family, Not Buying It shows you how to protect your life-savings while making you laugh the whole time.
Judy Dutton ,, formerly of GLAMOUR and REDBOOK
Author Brett Graff shows 21st Century parents who want the best for our children why we need to rethink what that means. In Not Buying It, she prods parents to examine the overindulgence we have come to consider ordinary, and look at ways we can spend smarter to raise successful, happy children. In today’s high pressure parenting climate, this book serves as a reality check to help us recognize when we are doing our children more harm than good, and remind us that being a great parent can be accomplished on any budget.
Cindy Krischer Goodman, Miami Herald columnist
If your goal is to raise happier, healthier, more successful children, read Not Buying It. The examples in this book will lead you to question modern day parenting as we know it and Brett Graff’s wry sense of humor will make doing so an absolute delight.
Tony Hernandez, Latin Broadcasting Company

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