Events, Speaking Engagements & Appearances for Brett Graff

Brett Graff engages audiences around the country, combining – in the words of Emmy Award-winning Broadcast journalist Andrea Brody – the humor of a standup comic with the acumen of a business reporter. Brett can speak on a variety of topics, some covered in her new book, NOT BUYING IT: STOP OVERSPENDING & START RAISING HAPPIER, HEALTHIER, MORE SUCCESSFUL KIDS while others come from her nationally syndicated newspaper column THE HOME ECONOMIST and her work as a US government economist. They include:

  • Why purchases made by parents kids to get their kids ahead can actually set them back – making them less safe, less smart, less healthy and more vulnerable to narcissism, depression and failure.
  • Why pricey baby gear is a waste, while college savings plans are practically guaranteed to improve the life of our children.
  • The truth behind organics and other supermarket labels as well as natural medicine, and the importance – seeing as we’re more likely to die from something other than conventional produce – of estate planning.
  • How cultivating our kids’ talents can turn them into tiny narcissists and why willpower and self control can be taught at home, during breakfast.   
  • Why reading economic indicators is exactly like comparing calories of chocolate-coated energy bars and all the critical numbers your company, employee team or family needs to know. 
  • The land mine of invisible psychosocial forces that go into our decisions to spend and save. For example, interruptions are expensive and so is nostalgia. Zeros mess with our minds and the dozens of other ways our very own brains can trick us into emptying our wallets and – with some strength and a little knowledge – into happily funding retirement accounts without feeling deprived.
  • Money & Happiness (it can be bought, just not in stores.) 
  • Kids & Money (terms and concepts to teach little tikes to over-confident teens.)
  • Money & Marriage (materialistic couples are less happy and spenders tend to wed savers?)