Home Economists need news about school funding, lunches and other critical stats – how else can you annoy the Know-it-All PTA president?

Dorm Decor for Less Money

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You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars decorating a dorm room. Ah, college; the most expensive and important investment we'll make in our kids. We save, we borrow, we - wait what? - have to decorate their dorm rooms? Not to worry, these homework (yeah right) haves are supposed to be creative, eclectic [...]

Public vs. Private Schools, New Facts Revealed

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You can forever debate the public and private school systems, but not without these statistics.

10 Crazy State School Laws

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Everyone knows "schools" and "rules" go hand-in-hand, but take a look at the laws our teachers follow. BY THE HOME ECONOMIST   Schools don't only make rules, they also follow them. Alabama says 14 years olds who have both a legal job and their parents blessing can – by law – leave school for good.  In Washington DC [...]

Tax Tips for PTA Parents

By | March 28th, 2012|Categories: Kids & Money, School & Money|

You've donated your time, your money, and your sanity. Some of it's actually tax deductible.   If the amount you owe in taxes this year is making you want to stop volunteering and start earning a paycheck then remember this: the more money you make the more you pay the IRS. So while yes, the work you do for [...]