Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Lawyers

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Your kid may be cute and mean, but law school is expensive and may not reap the highest paying returns. In today's installment of "Expensive Educational Investments to Carefully Consider" we highlight the returns of law school. Everyone knows that lawyers are cool and get to wear suits and are paid to be mean to other people [...]

Terms & Conditions for Writing Submissions

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1. We May Discontinue or Suspend Our Site or Terminate Your Use: We reserve the right at any time and from time to time to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, our site (or any part thereof) with or without notice. You agree that nor its editors shall not be liable to you or any [...]

What Your Friends Really Think About Their Finances: Consumer Confidence

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This tiny number called Consumer Confidence Index can reveal what people are thinking about their finances, regardless of what they might be faking.

People in These Places Have Highest Paychecks

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Paychecks in all places are not cashed equally.

Return of the Lost Money

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Perhaps you left behind a security deposit from your college apartment rental or saw your investment disappear thanks to some shady moves by your broker. Did you suddenly realize your tax return never arrived? Sometimes money isn't lost forever, the government could be holding your unclaimed property. These funds might not be gone forever, as there's a [...]

Advertising Jobs: Have a Look at the Pay

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In honor of our media issue, we peeked into the paychecks of people who work in advertising jobs - making money buy selling us stuff. Here are some average salaries for what clearly are great jobs. Don't see your city? Let us know and we'll post whatever you want. Advertising jobs here pay big. New York [...]

Salaries for Civil Engineers

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We peeked into the paychecks of Civil Engineers around the country. We peeked into the paychecks of Civil Engineers from around the country. Here are their average annual salaries from specific cities and states:Dothan, Alabama: $76,960 Casper, Wyoming: $72, 890 Baton Rouge, Louisiana: $89,890 Baltimore, Maryland: $82,960 Wilmington, Delaware: $81,080 Miami, Florida: $89,910 West Palm Beach, [...]

How the Payroll Tax Increase Will Affect Your Paychek

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You know the corner of your paycheck that shows the amount of money taken by the government each pay cycle? Well, prepare to give more, starting now. Lawmakers threw the break we've been getting on payroll taxes right over the Fisall Cliff. We've calculated the new cost so many Americans - perhaps you find some familiar numbers below.... [...]

How Much the Rich Among Us Are Spending

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Rich people spend a lot more money at restaurants. We're sick of seeing Kardashian-sized mansions and Real Housewive wardrobes. We want to know what the rich among us are buying - from booze to schools - and beyond. We pulled some of the luxuries - from dinners to education - on which we all [...]

Inside the Paychecks of Computer People

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You want to see the salaries earned by friends and neighbors so we're here to help. Ever wonder about the paychecks of computer people? Take a peek. Ever wonder whether your IT guy's salary warrants his swagger? Or if your neighbor the research scientist is actually rich? Guess what? She is. [table id=9 /]