Spend together happily ever after and elminiate money fights forever.

8 Signs Your Husband’s Hiding Money

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You know to look for lipstick on his collar but do you know the signs signal he's hiding money. Here are eight.     You know that lipstick on his collar spells trouble but are you familiar with the bank statement signs suggesting your husband is sneaking off with your money? Well, you're probably being paranoid - [...]

Cut the Costs (and Chaos) of Divorce

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  There's a new way to divide money in divorce. Divorce is a major life decision but if together you decide happiness can be found only in separate homes, consider sparing yourselves much of the bloodshed — and therefore the pain — that typically accompanies a marital breakup. Because rather than hiring expensive lawyers [...]

Spend Together Happily Ever After

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It's simple to share money with your husband, buy what you want, and keep everyone happy. Problem with joint bank accounts is that we open them with husbands, a group of people who historically have not shared our passion for new dining room chairs or updated window treatments. Sometimes they have the nerve to [...]

Materialistic Couples Are Often Miserable

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The holiday shopping season is upon us and that means that thanks to a few generous husbands some of us will next week be strutting around new designer bags or draped with sparkling diamonds. And while the rest of us will for sure be admiring your loot, it won't do us any good to be lusting after your relationships. Scientists are [...]

Economically Dependant Husbands Most Likely to Cheat

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Whether you believe that or not, there are three easy ways to make sure both partners feel the love when it comes to money and marriage. BY THE HOME ECONOMIST   Young men earning much less money than their wives are also most likely to cheat, says study. Wives who earn more money than their husbands are most likely to be victims of [...]