Because everything goes on sale eventually….sometimes before then.

Pay Less for Aging Parents

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Aging parents: there could be help for paying those bills. It's our turn to care for them - our aging parents - and while many of us are fine with the responsibility, some of us short on the funds. Here's your financial break: many of our parents will qualify for help for paying cell phone bills, energy bills, medical bills and prescription drugs. Telephone and [...]

Cut Labor Day Travel Costs

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Brett Graff, THE HOME ECONOMIST, talks about cutting Labor Day travel costs on NEWS 8's LET'S TALK LIVE in Washington DC. This week, the Washington DC show LET'S TALK LIVE on NEWS 8 invited The Home Economist Brett Graff to discuss tips for saving money on Labor Day travel. You can watch the full [...]

How to Buy Happiness (It Costs Less Than You Think)

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You can spend money to soothe your soul but you have to steer clear of retail stores.

How to Stop Spending Money on Status Items for Self-Esteem

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  Most of us buy status items when feeling down to show others we're actually valuable. After those ego blows that slam us while we're parenting, working, excercising -- okay fine, living- we're more likely to spend big money on status items so we can prove to others that we're valuable, says Nathan Pettit, an assistant professor at NYU’s Stern School [...]

3 Reasons Why Superbowl Commercials Are So Darn Effective

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  There's a few reasons Superbowl commercials will make you emotional. They're designed that way. The Superbowl is coming up, so get ready to get emotional, and not over the game but the commercials. Yes, Super Bowl advertisers are spending over $2.5 million each for 30 seconds of your time, and they're not interested in getting from [...]

Hurricane Sandy Storm Rumors

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False information about jobs, water and food stamps is working its way around the internet. Here are the facts about what FEMA is doing. Rumors are swirling with regard to Superstorm Sandy. There are reports that FEMA is paying $1,000 to go to New York and New Jersey to clean up debris but this [...]

3 Priciest Cities and What Your Life Would Be Like

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Facing the economic decision of relocating? Nice. But remember home prices, job salaries, and even neighbors will change drastically across the USA. In this week's cross country comparison, we bring you a few of your life in three of the nation's least affordable cities. Barnstable Town, MA  White Plains, NY Anaheim, CA Rank: 202  of 223 Rank: 223 of 223 Rank: 221 of 223 [...]

Today’s Most-Organized-Mom Helps You Find An Extra Hour Each Day

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No time for yourself? Follow these steps and find a few moments to spoil yourself.  Your job is never done, which is why it's hard to carve out an hour for gym and other seemingly non-essential life enhancements. Well, we say they're pretty important. So we got time management expert Rivka Caroline to teach us how to end the day with [...]