The Cost of Raising Kids: $233,610

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Don't shoot the messenger here because it's the government (not the well-meaning financial bloggers) who calculate the cost of raising kids from birth to age 17. So yes, as you saw in our headline, this year's total is $233,610. For each child. (Though second and third and forth kids tend to cost less because the housing cost stay [...]

Spying Toys Record Kids’ Private Conversations

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  The "My Friend Cayla" dolls is sold as a friend but won't keep any secrets. At least two toys here for the holidays are collecting and recording our kids voices and their private information while sharing it with a countless number of parties, according to   a complaint filed by four child advocacy groups, [...]

This Baby Medicine Contains Lead

By | March 7th, 2016|Categories: Econo-YOU, Kids & Money, Recalls and Scams|

Bentonite Me Baby - a medicinal clay babies could ingest - was found to contain dangerous levels of lead.   Bentonite Me Baby - a clay that was supposed to be safe for our babies to ingest and wear on their skin - was found to contain dangerous levels of lead, according to the Food and Drug Administration. In [...]

Reverse of the Rising Cell Phone Bill

By | February 18th, 2016|Categories: Econo-YOU, Kids & Money|

Cell phone bills are on the rise, but here's how to shrink them. It's not clear whether we needed our nation's top economists studying this issue, but a new government report proves what most of us can surmise after glancing over at our kids: cell phone spending has drastically increased over the past seven years. We managed [...]

Why Kids Who Play Sports Earn More Money as Adults

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Kids who play sports grow up to make more money and now we know why. But we also know your kid doesn't have be the star player - or even on a varsity team - to reap the adult financial rewards that childhood sports can offer.   Lori Wolk, a mother of three in Parkland Florida, has always [...]

Your Kid’s Own Business

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We want our kids to make money, but should we tell them to get jobs or start businesses? Here's what you need to know. Should we tell our kids or teens to get jobs? Or should we encourage them to run small businesses and get a head start on the basics of achieving world [...]

Our Kids’ Confidence Affects Their Adult Incomes

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  For our kids to make money as adults later in life, they need confidence now. If you’ve been operating under the assumption that it's the kids with rich parents who get a head start in life, think again. It’s the kids who are most confident. People with high opinions of themselves as teenagers [...]

Gerber’s GOOD START Doesn’t Help Allergies

By | October 30th, 2014|Categories: Kids & Money, Random|

Gerber's claims that its formula can help prevent allergies are deceptive, says the FTC Gerber’s advertisements saying its Good Start Gentle infant formula reduces the risk of allergies are deceptive and are not backed by science, says the Federal Trade Commission, which filed in federal court an enforcement action to stop the company from [...]

How to Help Your Kid’s School Serve Healthier Lunches

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There are new guidelines for school lunches but many cafeterias aren't prepared to serve them. Here's the problem and how you can help.

Bank Accounts for Kids: 10 Questions to Ask before Opening

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If your kids keep their cash in their closets, they'll miss a big lesson in money. Here are the questions that will best help them learn about banking.