Your Money: Revealing Facts Kids Need to Know

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Talk to your kids about money or they'll develop their own, false theories. When family finances change for better or for worse - with bank balances seeming to cause sickness and those reflecting sudden health - it would seem responsible parenting to protect our kids from the details. Why should they worry or - even worse - begin boasting about their family's [...]

Samsung Recalls Washing Machines

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SAMSUNG WASHERS Over 34 models and more than 2 million machines recalled. While we typically love a good excuse to skip doing laundry, the latest Samsung recall may not be the reason for which we were hoping. The company has received 733 reports of machines vibrating excessively, throwing the tops right off some. Nine people [...]

The Bad News About Bounce Houses

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Here's over 100,000 reasons you shouldn't feel pressure to buy a bounce house for your kid's party. At the risk of deflating anyone's party plans - and by "anyone" I refer to our tiny friends under age 7 -- it's worth wondering whether our bounce house rental money wouldn't be better spent on, well, absolutely anything other than a bounce house [...]

Spring Cleaning for Cash

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  Problem with selling our stuff is that we attach it to our identities - which we value greatly. Spring is here and so are our aspirations of exchanging our clutter for cash by hosting garage or yard sales. But we'll probably all have one problem in common: placing a higher value on many of the items [...]

Garage Sale Permits

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GARAGE SALE PERMITS The rules vary across cities and towns but here are some garage sale standards most of us must follow: You can only sell second-hand goods. You must own those goods – no consignment sales. Hours of the sale must be during daytime, though exact hours will vary. Items must be displayed within property [...]

Garage Sale Saftey

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  GARAGE SALE SAFTEY   Garage sales are great for making some money but they also leave you vulnerable. Expert Sandy Tavarez, owner of Absolute Estate Sales and Appraisals reminds you to:   Always have more than one person – three people are ideal — helping you with customers. Never agree to go back inside your [...]

Are You Living in the Least Affordable City?

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Look at national rankings to see whether you might be better off house-hunting a lot further from home.

Fabulous Features of New Homes

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Want to salivate over real estate? Here are features of today's (brand) new homes.

Pay Pennies for Green Energy from Your Power Company

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Powering your home with green energy doesn't build a windmill in your backyard; your run-in-the-mill power company can provide power generated by wind, sun and even piles of garbage.

Help Elderly Parents Find A Home or Apartment

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Your aging parents might need help finding a new home. Here are the right resources.