Thanksgiving leftovers can be money in the garbage

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If after Thanksgiving, your fridge looks as packed as your jeans feel, consider bringing those leftovers to a shelter, an elderly neighbor, your local f Throwing away food is money in the garbage. ire station. If you think eating too much makes you sick, wait until you hear these statistics on food waste.   About 40 percent of edible food in [...]

Dieters Deceived By This Guy to Get Their Money Back

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If you bought Kevin Trudeau's book, "The Weight Loss Cure “They” Don’t Want You To Know About," make sure to get your refund. The government is returning $6.3 million to people who purchased the this weight loss guide, saying it's filled with lies. The problem, says the government, was that in informercials and ads, Trudeau said his weight loss [...]

This Spice Can Cause Brain Damage in Kids, Babies

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At least five brands of ground turmeric powder contain excessive levels of lead, which can accumulate in the body and cause health problems such as mental delays and developmental issues that are particularly harmful for pregnant women, babies and children, says the Food and Drug Administration. The lead was discovered by New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets’ [...]

The Deadly Cost of Diet Pills

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These are among the deadly diet pills that can pierce holes in your stomach. Let's talk about all the infuriating aspects surrounding latest round of diet pill recalls. In case you have been so busy with your New Year's resolution dieting --  or money-saving or private-fuming because it's so hard being nice to people -- to notice, two major diet pills [...]

Average Household Expenses for Families

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Got kids? You'll spend more money on milk and less on cars. You know that having kids will cost you money, as each one will eat and also ask for stuff. And while yes, families with three kids spend the most on laundry supplies ($239) and fresh milk ($266,) those with two kids spend [...]

Groceries: How Brand Bias Costs You Money

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Do you know who bakes your chips and chops your salsa? THIS ARTICLE WAS PRINTED IN OVER 30 NEWSPAPERS ACROSS THE COUNTRY. WE'VE INCLUDED A FEW FOR YOU TO CLICK. To help us shoppers stock up for summer barbeques, supermarkets will prepare displays grouping together holiday favorites. Think: Marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers for [...]

Yearly Expenses for Families of Four

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Booze beats fruit, vegetables and even milk when it comes the money families of four spend each year? Take a look.