What Your Friends Really Think About Their Finances: Consumer Confidence

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This tiny number called Consumer Confidence Index can reveal what people are thinking about their finances, regardless of what they might be faking.

Is it a Good Time To Buy a Home?

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You bet! There's an easy secret economists use to read the real estate market and you can too. BY THE HOME ECONOMIST Tara Reid, take notes from the real estate market because home-buying is making a com There's an easy secret to seeing whether the real estate market is safe or dangerous. eback! (And [...]

Your Money Back from A Bad Investment

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Because The Deck Shouldn't be Illegally Stacked Against You. Everyone knows there are risks associated with trying to make some money in the market. But among the dangers you shouldn't have to face are companies that violate securities laws. When that happens - and the Securities and Exchange Commission can prove it - officials name a point person to distribute to victims [...]