Your Money: Revealing Facts Kids Need to Know

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Talk to your kids about money or they'll develop their own, false theories. When family finances change for better or for worse - with bank balances seeming to cause sickness and those reflecting sudden health - it would seem responsible parenting to protect our kids from the details. Why should they worry or - even worse - begin boasting about their family's [...]

Pay Less for Aging Parents

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Aging parents: there could be help for paying those bills. It's our turn to care for them - our aging parents - and while many of us are fine with the responsibility, some of us short on the funds. Here's your financial break: many of our parents will qualify for help for paying cell phone bills, energy bills, medical bills and prescription drugs. Telephone and [...]

The Price of Over-Parenting

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  Over-parenting, say researchers, is expensive and ineffective. Hands-on parenting is a good thing, right? Right! We didn’t have these kids so they could raise themselves, did we? No we did not. That’s why we’re only too happy to cultivate their every interest and — while we’re at it — introduce them to impressionism, [...]

Easy Way to Understand Quantitative Easing

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  Quantitative Easing is the same concept as maintaining your weight. The idea of Economic Policy is not much different to the idea of maintaining the perfect weight. In theory, we’d always fit into our jeans because human bodies are designed to become hungry only when they need fuel or nutrients. When they're full, our [...]

Unemployment! Coming to a City Near You?

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  Unemployment affects the community - including parks and schools. Unemployment - for you - may seem far away. But even if you are enjoying the money that's deposited directly into your bank account like magic - only the stressful kind with bosses and deadlines and alarm clocks - other peoples' job losses could become your problem. [...]

Gas Costs for Your Summer Vacation

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Sure, gas prices fluctuate but the kind of car you drive is even more important when it comes to how much money you'll spend at the pump.

You’re A Good Mother But the Economy Doesn’t Care

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  You can check homework all day, the economy doesn't care. We know very well a person doesn't get paid for parenting, but you'd think the meals we cook and the homework we check would at least raise our standards of living. Nope.  To measure the greatness of peoples' lives, economists use a number called Gross Domestic Product. It's [...]

Here’s How the Recession Changed Your Household Finances

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Economists say the recession is over but it managed to change a lot along the way.

Family Fun For Free

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It may take a village to raise a child, but it doesn't have to take a fortune. Here's how to laugh, love and laugh more - for free.

Cost of Kids: Can You Afford Another Baby?

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Of course you should have a another child! Babies are cuddly and they smell good after baths. But if you're determined to make your decision based on economics - not emotions - here's what you need to know.