The Price of Over-Parenting

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  Over-parenting, say researchers, is expensive and ineffective. Hands-on parenting is a good thing, right? Right! We didn’t have these kids so they could raise themselves, did we? No we did not. That’s why we’re only too happy to cultivate their every interest and — while we’re at it — introduce them to impressionism, [...]

Scam Alert: Fake IRS Calls

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Here's your big opportunity to hang up on an IRS agent. Scam of the hour - to celebrate tax season, perhaps - is a call from someone claiming to be from the IRS, says the Federal Trade Commission. Don't fall for it.  The IRS will never call out of the blue to ask for payment. It won’t demand a specific [...]

Aging Parents: Inheriting Securities

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The last thing you want to do in mourning is learn about investment laws. Brushing up on some basics now can make this easier later. If you inherit securities, you'll need to know the price of the security on the day the person died.  That value is called the cost basis. You need to know this because when [...]

Bad News about Online Reviews

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Sometimes online reviews are anything but objective, the government found. Today we slide "online reviews" into the vast column titled, "Don't Believe Everything You Read on the Internet." An automobile shipment company called AmeriFreight offered discounts and other cash incentives to customers for writing glowing online reviews, says the Federal Trade Commission.  Giving people cash is an excellent way to [...]

Your Kid’s Own Business

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We want our kids to make money, but should we tell them to get jobs or start businesses? Here's what you need to know. Should we tell our kids or teens to get jobs? Or should we encourage them to run small businesses and get a head start on the basics of achieving world [...]

Our Kids’ Confidence Affects Their Adult Incomes

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  For our kids to make money as adults later in life, they need confidence now. If you’ve been operating under the assumption that it's the kids with rich parents who get a head start in life, think again. It’s the kids who are most confident. People with high opinions of themselves as teenagers [...]

Easy Way to Understand Quantitative Easing

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  Quantitative Easing is the same concept as maintaining your weight. The idea of Economic Policy is not much different to the idea of maintaining the perfect weight. In theory, we’d always fit into our jeans because human bodies are designed to become hungry only when they need fuel or nutrients. When they're full, our [...]

Caffeine-Infused Shapewear Co. Will Issue Refunds

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Caffeine infused shapewear is not a weight loss trick. If there are two things no red-blooded woman can resist, the first is a weight loss trick and the second is coffee. So the attempt to sell us caffeine-infused underwear that would slim and reshape the our bodies while reducing cellulite was pretty clever. Until of course, the government [...]

3 Cheap, Easy & Natural Health Tricks for Kids

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It's back to school season and while we can't avoid the school supply-splurge, we can - for the health of our kids -- trade overly manufactured products for simple stuff that's both cheaper and better. Much better. This year, we should all start stocking up on: Switching out store-bought moisturizers for natural oils is cheaper and chemical-free. Olive Oil: You always thought [...]

Two Children Dead from Bean Bag Chair

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Two children have died from crawling into Ace Bayou Bean Bag chairs.  Two children have died in a popularly-sold bean bag chair, The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Reported today. The children had opened the chair's zippers and crawled inside, where they either suffocated or got trapped and inhaled the foam beaded stuffing. Safety standards - which [...]