Aging parents: there could be help for paying those bills.

Aging parents: there could be help for paying those bills.

It’s our turn to care for them – our aging parents – and while many of us are fine with the responsibility, some of us short on the funds. Here’s your financial break: many of our parents will qualify for help for paying cell phone bills, energy bills, medical bills and prescription drugs.

Telephone and broadband serviceLIFELINE is a program created by the Federal Communications Commission that provides a $9.95 discount for service each month for low-income consumers who qualify. (Those living on tribal lands can get an extra $25.) The discount can be used for landline or wireless, but not both. Soon, however, it can be applied to phone and internet bundles. Get started here.

Heat and air-conditioning: The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program helps with the energy bills your parents will have to pay to stay warm in winter and cool in summer. It will also help pay for repairs that lower costs, such as insulation and fixing broken furnaces or air-conditioners. You’ll usually get help with just one source of energy – such as heat, but not electricity. Click here to apply for help.

Medical bills: For the most important and pressing of all expenses, the government is trying to help with the following programs for our parents. Click for:

Help with insurance options.

Resources designed just for seniors.

Prescription drug assistance for elderly people.